SyncCell is a feature rich package that will synchronize Outlook contacts and calendar with your Android device.  Data is synced to Google's services and from there the Android syncs with the data on Google.  The SyncCell website guarantees it will not corrupt your Outlook data.  Visitors have said that is because SyncCell only syncs from Outlook to Google, but my tests from the 15 day trial version clearly indicate the sync can be performed from Google to Outlook as well.

The software does have SyncCell Monitor to provide automated data sync on a schedule.  When I contacted the SyncCell tech support, nobody returned my email.  Likewise, I have spoken to someone else who has used SyncCell for years on other phones who had the same problem of no returned response to questions.  If you are looking for support, this may not be the best solution for you.

When I installed their trial version, by default it wanted to install the SyncCell toolbar for Internet Explorer and Firefox.  This turns out to be a junkware toolbar from "Community Toolbar".  The installation by default wants to change your default search provider and sign you up for instant alerts to Community Toolbar.  I don't know if the paid version also tries to install this junkware, but this is the only sync software, trial or paid, that performs these tasks.  You do have the option to decline the installation of this junkware.  Just pay careful attention and not install it when the time comes.

Much more information can be found at the product website: