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Android-Sync provides synchronization of Outlook calendar, contacts, notes and tasks with an Android device through a USB cable, which is the most secure method of syncing.  The software first tries to automatically install the necessary USB driver for the Android device.  After locating and installing the driver the software will run.  For me, the sync process was lightening fast compared to online syncs with products like gSyncit.  The sync took place in about 10 seconds the first time copying 232 contacts and 3 months of back calendar appointments.

The preferences page is simple and easy to understand.


The home page.

The interface is clean and simple.  Functionally, it supports Outlook 2000-2016, including the 64 bit versions.  The website has a nice FAQ and a Quick Start page that has pictures and descriptions of the entire process from first installation to syncing with Outlook.

The program initially operates as a trial edition, limiting the sync to 20 entries.  The trial mode has a link to purchase the product and the ability to enter the license key and activate the product.

If you want to give it a try, the software may be found here: