ContactMirror is software that syncs Outlook contacts with Google Contacts.  From there, the Android can automatically sync its contacts with Google Contacts.

I installed and used the 10 day trial to test its functionality.  It installed easily and its operation was straight forward.  

Sync can take place bidirectionally or in either direction.  The interface allows granular selection of which contacts to sync.  The software appears to work well and is well polished, which I would expect for nearly $17.

Some thing to consider is that there is very little documentation on the ContactMirror website.  There is even less technical support mentioned.   Pressing the help button in the software only directs you to their website, where you find no user's guide or help.  However, when installing their product, the readme file mentions a tech support email address for help.  Although the program does sync contact notes, it does not sync the contact picture.  If you are interested in finding more about ContactMirror, you may find it here: