Contacts Sync is software that syncs Outlook contacts with Google Contacts.  From there, an Android device can sync automatically with Google Contacts to complete an Outlook to Android sync.  Outlook 2003-2010 are supported.  There is an automatic sync feature, so you can set it and forget it.

When I tested Contacts Sync, it installed easily and synced flawlessly.  While there is no listed documentation, installation or user's guide, I must admit the ease of installation and intuitive setup did not require additional support. If you do need help, there is an email address and contact form at their site available for support.   There is also a small FAQ to help with a few questions.  When I wrote to find out more about their product, the vendor responded very quickly and politely.

There are 3 versions of Contacts Sync available - Free, Lite and Pro - available for free, $10, and $25, respectively. Each version builds on the other with additional features.  The Pro version will do what most other sync software does - sync bidirectionally, choose whether Outlook or the Android (Gmail) contacts are the master list, sync most fields, choose the delete options, automatically sync and more.


If you would like to compare the full list of versions, you may click here to go to the vendor website.