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Go Contact Sync Mod performs synchronization of Outlook contacts, calendar and notes with Google Contacts and Calendar and notes with Google Docs.  The Android device then synchronizes its contacts with Google Contacts and Calendar or accesses Google Docs through a third party app such as GDocs.  This software is free and has a fairly simple user interface.  Go Contact Sync Mod is an update to Go contact Sync, which used to be made by a private company and it only synced Contacts and there was no support.  It has since been moved to, where it has become improved open source software and there is now support.  If there are bugs, there is a bug tracker where you can enter the bug to be fixed on the site.

There are several sync options that are very helpful during conflicts between data on gmail and Outlook contacts:

  • Merge Prompt - Ask whether Outlook or Google contact should win
  • Merge Outlook wins - Outlook contacts always win over Google
  • Merge Google wins - Google contacts always in over Outlook
  • Outlook to Google only - One way sync from Outlook to Google contacts
  • Google to Outlook only - One way sync from Google to Outlook contacts

There is also a Sync Deletion option.  If selected, deleted contacts in Outlook will be deleted at Google and vice versa.  You can select the option to have Go Contact Sync run at startup or not, select to Auto Sync, and how often to sync.  You can also select which Outlook contacts and notes folder is synced.  A log window also details what has happened during the sync.

If you are interested in trying out Go Contact Sync Mod, follow the link below.