Google Apps gives you the ability to synchronize your Outlook calendar, contacts, notes and email with your Android for $50 per year.  The Outlook data is synchronized using the Google Apps program on the PC and you can access it online with Google Calendar, Google Contacts, Google Docs, and GMail.  The Android device will sync with your data at Google through your wireless connection.  Once set up, synchronization is automatic - set it and forget it.

Google Apps will work with Outlook 2003-2016 and does work with the 64 bit version of Outlook.  To access notes, an additional app must be installed on the Android device that will access Google Docs such as the free GDocs app.  Calendar and Contact subfolders are synced with the main Calendar and Contacts with Google.  There is also a free 30 day trial.

The only consideration I would make with this solution is there are paid applications that do more for a one time price.

The following link will send you to the Google Apps site where you can find out more or sign up for their service.