gSyncit is a feature packed sync program that is offered at only $19.99.  It has a multitude of options and boasts the ability to sync the Outlook Calendar, Contacts, Tasks, and Notes with an Android device.  It performs the sync by using Google's services as a "conduit" between Outlook and the Android.  For example, it takes Outlook's calendar and syncs it with Google Calendar and then the Android syncs Google Calendar with its built-in calendar app.  Aside from offering about every option you could imagine for syncing, gSyncit pleasingly offers the ability to sync Outlook notes with Google Docs and tasks with Google Tasks.

On the Android, the Google account needs to be set to sync with the built-in Calendar and Contacts apps.  An additional notes app is required to access Google Docs, where the Outlook notes are stored.  In this manner, it is not performing a true note sync, but allows complete note access as long as you have wireless service available when you need it.  GDocs is the most popular free app that accesses Google Docs, but there are others available.  In addition, a tasks app is required to access Google Tasks.  Any Android app that syncs Google Tasks with the Android will then make the task sync complete, such as the GTasks app.

I have installed gSyncit for several of my customers and it works well with little to moderate amounts of data.  Very large amounts of data take a long time to sync and from experience I would suggest using a hosted Exchange account or a USB sync solution instead.  When I had a problem with gSyncit, I used the contact us section at their website and sent them an email.  The author of the software responded very promptly and we solved the problem.

You can download a trial version of this software for free, which runs with some limitations and a nag screen in Outlook until you purchase the full version.  For more information, visit the gSyncit website at the link below: