Hi Suite is made by Huawei to sync the calendar and contacts on their Android devices with Outlook.  Sync takes place with both USB and Wi-Fi connections. Hi Suite supports Outlook 2003, 2007, and 2010, including the 64 bit editions.  As is often the case with software syncing with Outlook 2003, Outlook asks for permission to access your data every time you sync.  The sync takes place manually.

Hi Suite comes in two parts.  The first part is the Hi Suite software itself, which is installed on the PC.  This controls the manual sync.  The second part is the Hi Suite Daemon, which is an app installed on the Android device to facilitate syncing.  For a USB sync, the Daemon is installed automatically on the first sync.  For a Wi-Fi sync, you must first do a USB sync to have the app installed or visit their website at the link below using your Android and select the large Download button to download and install the Daemon app.  Using the Hi Suite app, you will then be given a 4 character key (case sensitive)  to enter in Hi Suite on the PC to pair the devices for Wi-Fi sync.

While this software is designed to work with their own Android devices, I have found it partially worked with my original Droid.  It would sync contacts properly, although it would only sync the Outlook calendar entries to the Droid.  I presume that all features would work properly if I owned a Huawei Android device.  Nevertheless, it is a free method of syncing Outlook contacts to an Android device - at least a Droid.


You may view the software vendor's information and download it at the following link.