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Important Note: MyLink has been purchased by Caamba (previously owned by Wave Global) and there are some things happening that may cause you concern.  A customer who bought their product has not been able to contact them.  The website is providing minimal information about their product compared to the past.  Formatting of the text on their website is inconsistent and links lead to dead pages.  They used to offer a free trial for download on the MyLink website, but this is no longer available.  The support page warns that MyLink is not compatible yet with versions of Android over 2.3.  Only 4.9% of Androids in use are version 2.3 or under.

When going to, you are greeted with a simple page telling you that MyLink is free until May 15, 2013.  Clicking on the consumer link, it then takes you to which tells you MyLink is free until May 7, 2013.  But it still only works for 4.9% of the oldest of the Androids out there.  The Caamba Twitter account says, "CAAMBA acquired Wave software back in 2012 and after completing the acquisition we are now moving forward by adding all Wave products in CAAMBA portfolio."

Finally, I received an email from someone saying they are representing Caamba (sent from a Gmail account instead of their corporate account) saying,

"Hi there ,I am speaking as a representative of the company called "caamba" . We have accquired the company called wave labs & we have noticed that you are unhappy with one of there product called Mylink Advanced "" . Could you please suggest me how can I help you ? And could you please remove that link bcoz its causing negative marketing for our new company ."  

Please consider the above information carefully if you plan on purchasing this software.  I have attempted to contact a legitimate representative from Caamba in the past and have done so again.  I will post more when I have heard back from the vendor.

From the first glance you can tell that MyLink Advanced is a finely polished product that is designed with the business professional in mind.  However, this is an excellent sync solution for anyone.  

MyLink Advanced syncs through a USB cable, which is the most secure form of synchronization.  It requires both PC and Android software be installed.  On the PC, the MyLink Desktop software controls the synchronization.  On the Android device, the MyLink Access app is installed, which brings a feature packed Calendar, Contact, Note, and Task manager.  Outlook Notes and Tasks are in a real note and task list which is very pleasing.  The documentation gives clear directions and pictures to describe how to install and utilize the software.  Warnings are clearly given in the documentation to help avoid the most common sync problems.  A limited trial version is available to help you decide if this is the sync solution for you.

One thing that sets apart MyLink Advanced is the ability to perform a full email sync.  The email in Outlook is transferred to your Android device - it is not downloaded from an email server.

There are some things to consider.  The Outlook Calendar and Contacts are synced with MyLink Access app ONLY.  They are NOT synced with the Android's native calendar and contacts, meaning that other apps may not have access to this information.  You can export the MyLink Access contacts and calendar items to the Android's main calendar and contacts, but you have to do this every time you sync.  This software requires a manual sync.  Notes are not encrypted on the Android device and are stored on the SD card.

If you would like to learn more or download MyLink Advanced, just follow the links below.

MyLink Advanced