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MyPhoneExplorer was built to allow users to explore and control their phones and will perform Outlook calendar, contact, note and task sync with Androids through USB cable, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth connections.

The MyPhoneExplorer program is installed on the computer and the MyPhoneExplorer Client app (along with separate task and note apps) is installed on the Android to facilitate syncing.  When the free MPE program is installed on your computer and you are using a USB sync, the app is automatically installed on your Android.  If you are syncing through Wi-Fi or Bluetooth, you must manually install the app, which is available through the Android Market.

Outlook 2000 through 2016 are supported.  MPE will perform an autosync when a connection to the Wi-Fi network or Bluetooth is detected.  Since there are different ways that Bluetooth works on different Android devices, MPE does not work with Bluetooth on all Android devices.

I asked the authors if MPE will sync Outlook with Google calendar and contacts, because their documentation indicates the ability.  They said it would work, but is not the intended purpose of MyPhoneExplorer and it is not recommended.

Syncdroid visitors using MyPhoneExplorer have positive things to say about this product, especially its ease of implementation.  For the last few years, MPE has sometimes shown up as a FALSE positive for trojans in antivirus scanners.  This false accusation has been adequately addressed at the vendor's forum here as well as McAfee's forum here.  I have tested this software and in my experience MyPhoneExplorer is safe and easy to use.

While I found the product easy to install and use, they do offer a forum where you may find help if needed.  They have always been prompt to answer my questions about their product on the forum and have been polite as well as helpful.

If you are interested in MyPhoneExplorer, you may visit their site at the link below: