OggSync is a subscription based product that syncs an Outlook calendar with a Google calendar.  From there, the Android device automatically syncs to the Google Calendar to complete the Outlook to Android sync.

OggSync has a lot of nice whistles and bells.  It will sync Outlook 2010 64 bit version, provides autosync, and supports multiple calendars and category sync.  While it does not specifically sync calendar subfolders, the multiple calendar sync will handle that task.  There is a 3 day free trial, but some of the nice features are disabled until you register the product.  After the 3 day trial, you need to subscribe YEARLY for $29.95 to keep the product operational.  Support is handed only through email.

While this software has good reviews, the fact that there are other software titles available that do much more and offer free phone support for a one time cost makes me hesistant to suggest OggSync.  If you want to know more about OggSync, please follow the link below: