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Outlook Reflex is software designed by Karya Technologies to sync Outlook email and contacts with an Android device.  It comes in two parts:  First, a desktop program running on a PC syncs Outlook to Karya's cloud server.  Second, an app that runs on the Android device also syncs with Karya's cloud server.  In this way, the cloud server acts as a conduit between Outlook and the Android.  To be clear, the cloud server is necessary for the sync to take place and the data is stored on the cloud server.

Outlook Contacts are stored in the Outlook Reflex app, which means they are independent from the Android's built in contact app.  However, adding a contact allows adding to either Outlook Reflex contacts, Android contacts or both.  Email and contacts are transferred though the internet using AES-256 256 bit encryption for excellent security. There is a 15 day free trial before it is necessary to purchase a monthly $4.99 subscription (that is $59.88 per year).  Right now, subscribers get 100 MB of storage for their email on the Karya cloud server.

On the Android, Outlook Reflex stores the contact data locally.  Even when there is no internet connection, contacts are available for viewing.  However, the email is stored on the Karya cloud server and an internet connection must be available to see the email.  Since Outlook receives the email and syncs it to the cloud server, if the PC is off or Outlook is not running, Outlook Reflex on the Android will not know if there are any new emails.

Attachments may be accessed by selecting the attachment in Outlook Reflex.  At that time, the attachment will be downloaded from the cloud server and stored on the SD card for viewing or accessing.

Reviews on the Google Play app store are split about 50/50 between loving the app or absolutely hating it. 

If you have a problem with the product, you may sign up and use their forum to resolve the issue.  There is also a contact form at their site.

If you want to learn more about Outlook Reflex, you may visit their website at:

Outlook Reflex