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AdSense unconfigured block. Click to configure. is a free email, calendar, and contact service offered by Microsoft.  Using a Hotmail, Windows Live, or account, email, calendar events, and contacts may be synced in real time to an Android device from Outlook.  For brevity, I will refer to all Hotmail, Windows Live, and accounts as in the rest of this review.

Outlook must first be set up to include the account.  When setting up the account in Outlook 2003, 2007, and 2010 the Outlook Hotmail Connector will be needed.  In Outlook 2013, no connector is need.  Outlook 2010 asked me to install the connector automatically, while I'm not sure about the other versions.  The account must also be set up on the Android device.  After this, syncing is all automatic.

My Droid easily accepted the account, synced the calendar to a separate calendar, and allowed a merged view of both the standard Android and calendars.  If I added a new calendar item on my Android using the calendar, it was pushed to Outlook in a few minutes.   When adding a calendar event, you have the option of which calendar gets the event, so be sure to choose the account or the event will not be synced with  This applies to contacts as well. has a few advantages over Gmail. syncs calendar and contacts in addition to email all for free, while Gmail only syncs email for free.  Google makes you pay for Google Apps for $50/year to receive Calendar and Contact syncing.

There are a few extra things worth mentioning.  The Outlook connector allows you to enter Notes and Tasks in Outlook, but they are clearly noted as being in Outlook only.  Notes and tasks do not sync to  It is important to understand that only the email, calendar, and contacts will be synced.  Standard Outlook calendar, contacts, and any other email accounts configured in Outlook will not be synced.  However, you can configure to receive email from many other email accounts and that email will be synced with Outlook and your Android.

Microsoft and Seven have released an app for Android.  I did not use this app for my testing and do not find it necessary for syncing. as it stands does not sync contact pictures or categories, nor calendar categories. CompanionLink offers a method of syncing Outlook, including categories, contact pictures, and tasks, to an account and then your Android can be configured to sync to  Using this combined with the Outlook Connector will allow you to also sync email.

If you are interested in using, you can find Microsoft’s official instructions here along with information on how to install the unnecessary app:

Microsoft Instructions