Outook4Gmail is software developed by Scand to sync Outlook contacts with Android devices through Gmail.  The software is option packed and syncs calendar and contacts automatically and wirelessly.  While there is other free software available that performs the same task, this one stands out with a very nice and option packed user interface.  Outlook4Gmail supports Outlook 2003-2013, including the 64 bit editions.

The product site is very descriptive and has a nice manual with a lot of pictures to show how it works.  If there is any need for support, that is available through email.

There are some things to consider.  The free version of their software will sync contacts, while you must pay for the full version to sync calendars.  This is backwards from most other sync software that offers the free version to sync calendars and the paid version also syncs contacts.  Also, the paid version performs an automatic sync while the free version does not.

If you want to give Outlook4Gmail a try, visit their site at the link below.  If this review has been helpful to you, please LIKE us on Facebook before continuing.  Thank you!