Pantech PC Suite is a suite of applications useful in managing data between a PC and a Pantech Crossover (P8000) Android phone.  Within this suite is PC Sync, an application which syncs the calendar and contacts between the Crossover and Outlook.  The sync takes place through USB or Wi-Fi and has a plethera of options for the sync direction.  The default Outlook calendar and contact folder are synced, but these may be changed to any other single folder.  The PC Suite may be configured to run when Windows starts, but by default it will not.

Since the sync requires a Pantech Crossover phone to sync, I was not able to perform a real sync.  But I did install the software and it appears to be thoughtfully designed with many options and a nice interface.  The help included with the software gives enough information to use the program.

The Wi-Fi sync requires the user to run the PC Sync app which is preinstalled on the Crossover.  It gives the IP address and port number of the Crossover and this must be entered into PC Sync running on the PC prior to syncing.

Something to consider about this software is there is no automatic sync.  We also don't know what versions of Outlook are supported at this time, although they did inform me that they only support 32 bit versions of Outlook.

If you are using a Pantech Crossover and want to learn more about the software or download it, please visit the link below and select PC Suite:

Pantech PC Suite Gallery


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