SymTasks is an inexpensive Outlook to Android tasks sync solution which comes in two parts.  SymTasks itself is a task app that resides on an Android device.  It communicates through USB or Wi-Fi with SymTasks Outlook Sync which resides on the PC.  Wi-Fi communication is encrypted, which makes syncing on public or work Wi-Fi networks as secure as using a USB connection.

Getting help or reporting issues is easy with SymTasks.  Under the Help tab there are options to report a bug or send feedback to help improve the program.  I like these features and their staff has been prompt and polite in responding to my questions.

Some things to consider are that there is no free trial and the sync is not automatic.  Also, it only syncs Outlook 2007 and 2010 tasks.  It does not sync 64 bit editions of Outlook.


If you are interested in more information on SymTasks, you can visit their website at: