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Sync2 is a straight forward solution that synchronizes Outlook 2000-2013 calendar, tasks and contacts with Google calendar and tasks and Gmail contacts.  The Android device can then automatically synchronize the Android calendar and contacts with the Google account. A tasks app is required to access Google Tasks, since there is no native task app on Android devices.  There are many task apps available for free from the Google Play store such as the GTasks app.  Manual or automatic sync is available.   Although Outlook 2000 users need to install an older version of Sync2, this solution should take care of most Outlook users.

Sync2 is made primarily to allow Outlook on multiple PCs to synchronize with each other through Google services.  What they have inadvertently done is create a way to also allow Android owners to sync their Outlook data to their devices.  Many Syncdroid visitors ask for a way to sync Outlook at home with Outlook at work and their Android.  If this is what  you are looking for, Sync2 is an excellent choice

The help documents on Sync2 are quite extensive and have pictures with text and arrows pointing to each feature and step.  Seriously, I cannot overemphasize their wonderful documentation.  There is also a FAQ available.

If you are looking for a solution to sync multiple copies of Outlook (e.g. Outlook at home with Outlook at the office) in addition to your Android, then all the sparkling reviews indicate the price is worthwhile.  Please note if you are going to sync multiple copies of Outlook (home and work, etc), you need to purchase 1 copy of Sync2 for each Outlook PC.

There is a 14 day free limited trial available if you register with the vendor.

If you are interested in learning more, follow the link below and select the Sync2 software at the vendor's website:

Sync2 Software