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SyncSquare will sync Outlook Contacts with Android devices and is provided free of charge.   It provides the sync through Wi-Fi networks and syncs with Outlook 2007 and 2010.  The SyncSquare website provides a tutorial with instructions that are easy to comprehend and includes many pictures.  

The sync software comes in two parts.  The first part installs on the PC.

The second part installs on the Android device.

SyncSquare pairs the PC to the Android through a simple procedure much the way Bluetooth operates.  After the device is paired with the PC, the PC SyncSquare program may be told to sync the data and connection is automatic. The method of pairing indicates that SyncSquare would work well on a business network with multiple PCs running Outlook that need to be connected to multiple Android devices.   When you change a contact, SyncSquare detects the change and performs an automatic sync.  


There is a very nice Feedback tab that allows users to send Feedback and Suggestions or an Error Report to get help with issues.  The author actually took time to contact me about his software and not every software vendor has done this.

There are several things to consider about this sync software:

  1. SyncSquare only syncs contacts.
  2. There are no FAQs or forums provided.  However, the author has suggested that our forums could be used to discuss the product or get help.
  3. The software only works with Outlook 2007 and 2010

The author has indicated that more features and support will be coming in future days.  Support for syncing of calendar, tasks, notes, and email is planned.

If you want to try this free contact sync product, follow the link below.