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TouchDown is an app for an Android device that syncs Email, Calendar, Contacts, Tasks, and Notes with a Microsoft Exchange server.  Outlook can also sync with the Exchange server, allowing Exchange to be the conduit for syncing between Outlook and the Android device.  Touchdown can easily sync between Microsoft's Exchange 365 adding the ability to sync Tasks and Notes with the Android, which the built-in Android Exchange sync does not perform.

TouchDown is now a Symantec product and they are rolling it into their Mobility Suite. However, the TouchDown app is still available as a standalone product on the Google Play store. You must first install the Smartphone or Tablet trial app. Then you may purchase the license to install from the Play store.

The following are some benefits of Touchdown on the Android device.

  • Widgets
  • SSL Support
  • Client Certificates
  • PIN Enforcement
  • Remote Data Wipe
  • Email-initiated Data Wipe
  • SMS confirm on Wipe
  • Manual and Scheduled Sync
  • Data Encryption at rest
  • Encrypt Attachments on SD card
  • S/MIME Signing and Encryption
  • Tablet optimized version MDM support 
  • GZIP Compression Support
  • Push Mail
  • HTML Email
  • Download Attachments 
  • Smart Forward/Reply
  • Multi-Select
  • Search (Device-Local) & Server
  • Email Folders
  • Move to Folder
  • Meeting Responses
  • Out of Office (Exchange 2007)
  • Custom HTML Signatures
  • Import Signatures from File
  • Custom & Speech Notifications
  • Convert to Event or Task
  • Flag for Follow-up
  • Push Updates 
  • Contact Photos
  • Edit/Update/Delete
  • Filter and Sort
  • Export to PhoneBook
  • Auto Update PhoneBook
  • Quick Search
  • Email/SMS/Call from Contact
  • GAL Search & import
  • Import from Call Log
  • Show Related Emails
  • Show Related Events
  • Push Updates
  • Edit Appointments
  • Delete Appointments
  • Reminders
  • Create From Email
  • Auto Snooze
  • Agenda/Day/Week/Month Views
  • Agenda View supports Due Tasks
  • Accept/Decline meetings
  • Push Updates
  • Filter and Sort
  • Mark Complete
  • View/Edit/Create Tasks
  • Create From Email


  • Push Updates
  • View & Edit Notes 
  • Create Notes 

If you are interested in more information about TouchDown, you may visit the following: