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Triosync is a service offered to small businesses to sync Outlook email, calendar, contacts and tasks with Android (and other mobile) devices.  Outlook syncs data to Triosync’s server on the internet and then the Android syncs to Triosync’s server.  Triosync’s server acts as a conduit for the data transfer and the data does constantly reside on their server.  The cost for this service is $5.95 per month.

Now we will get a little more technical.  Triosync runs their own Kerio Server, which is a pseudo Exchange server.  Outlook connects to the Kerio server to store its data.  The Android then uses the built in Exchange sync to sync with the Kerio server.  You must have your own domain name (E.G. running on the Kerio server. 

There are many companies that host Kerio servers and you can locate them at Kerio’s website (  While Triosync is offering an affordable solution, you can also research the pricing for equal solutions from other providers who are located worldwide.

In truth, anyone/business can run their own Kerio server.  Just have your own business technician visit the Kerio website and set one up.  It is not free, but the costs may be lower than hosting with someone who is running the Kerio server.  It is certainly less expensive than purchasing an Exchange server.

There is toll free phone support offered by Triosync.  If you are interested in more information about Triosync, their website is found here: