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Warning:  While this solution works in part, there have been many issues getting the Astrid portion to work properly.  As of October 2010, Astrid has ceased update support for this particular version of the application.  It still functions, with issues.  I suggest that visitors use a different sync solution, instead.

There is a free way to synchronize tasks from Outlook to your Android device.  There are three pieces to this solution that you need to put together.  If you want something that is totally simple, then please look into one of the paid solutions on the Home page.  Also, you must be using Outlook 2007 or 2010.  Earlier versions will NOT work.

Simplified, the solution works like this:

Outlook <=> Remember the Milk <=> Android

You are probably asking, "What is Remember the Milk?"  Remember the Milk (RTM for short), is a free online service that allows you to store tasks.

Outlook will sync your tasks to RTM using a free Add-In called UniversalSync.  The Android device will sync your tasks to RTM using a free app called Astrid.  This makes Remember the Milk the conduit between Outlook and your Android.

Here are the steps you must follow to make this work:

  • First, create a free account at Remember the Milk by clicking here.
  • Download and install the free UniversalSync software on your PC by clicking here.  Please do this while Outlook is not running.  During the installation, UniversalSync will install some Microsoft Visual Studio software and Customization Files.
  • A sideshow of the PC installation process may be found here.  USE THIS RESOURCE!  It will step you through every piece of the installation, including the setup of your RTM account in Outlook.  The slideshow depicts Outlook 2007.  Outlook 2010 looks different and after the installation of UniversalSync, you will find the synchronize commands under the Add-In tab at the top of Outlook.
  • On the Android
    • Open the web browser and go to "".
    • Scroll down to "Astrid - RTM (No Add-ons) Version" and press download.  When you have been notified on the top task bar that the file has been downloaded, press the file name (astrid-rtmilk3-1.5.apk) and then press "Package installer".  Follow the instructions to install the application.
    • Once installed, open the Astrid App.
    • Press the Menu button and select Settings.  Scroll down and you will see Remember the Milk.  Select it.
    • You will be asked to sign into Remember the Milk online.  It should open a browser window.  Enter your Account name, password, and what the graphics characters spell (security measures to show you are human).  You can then Login.  Do NOT press the Done button shown in the Astrid app until you successfully log in to RTM.  RTM will tell you when this is accomplished.  If you do accidentally press Done early, you may start this step over again.
    • Once RTM indicates you are logged in, press the Done button in Astrid.
    • You can manually sync within Astrid by pressing Menu and Sync Now!
    • You can set how often an automatic sync will take place within Astrid by pressing Menu, Settings, Remeber the Milk, and Background Sync.
  • That is all you are supposed to do to make syncing tasks work.  However, after syncing in Outlook, I found I had to log in to Remember the Milk online one time before the tasks would sync.  You may be different.

Again, this software is no longer supported and I suggest you use a different solution.  Comments are always welcome about Universalsync-Astrid in our forum.