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VCOrganizer syncs Outlook data to an Android device.  There are multiple versions available and each one syncs different Outlook data.  A chart is provided at the end of the article defining what is synced by each version. The sync may take place through Wi-Fi and USB (USB is available only on Android versions 2.2 and above).  Bluetooth sync is included with the Pro+ and Tablet+ versions, but is a paid add-on available for all other versions.  The software seems well thought out and has excellent encryption security.  I personally use this software to sync my Outlook Notes with my Android for this very reason.

There are two parts to VCOrganizer.  The first part is the SyncCenter which is installed on a PC with Outlook 2003-2010 and waits for a connection from an Android device.  The second part is actually called VCOrganizer and is installed on the Android.  It contains the Calendar, Contact, Notes and Tasks apps along with syncing software.


The feature that makes this product stand out is they were the first to provide encryption of the note body and the task note, which is only done by one other software vendor at this time.  Two forms of passwords locks are available which are pattern matching and traditional password entry.  You can enable both Password lock and Pattern lock together, which helps in the event either one of them is forgotten.  With this security in place, only you have access to your notes on the Android.  Even if you lose your device, the data is inaccessible.  

The sync can take place automatically on the Pro+ and Tablet+ versions, but is manually initiated on the Android for all other versions.  An AutoSync add-on may be purchased if this functionality is required of the more basic versions.

If SyncCenter has been installed on multiple computers on the local network, VCOrganizer can detect all of them and will show a list of detected SyncCenters along with their computer name.  Simply pick the SyncCenter that belongs to the correct PC.  If the password feature was enabled on the SyncCenter (a good idea in a multiple user environment), the correct password must be entered to connect to that SyncCenter.

The vendor's website has an FAQ that that explains more about their software.  I am impressed that they have always responded quickly to my inquiries through email.  I have included a chart below that compares the different versions of VCOrganizer.  Please note there is a free 15 day Lite trial version with the following limitations: Calendar events and contacts will only copy to the VCOrganzier App (but not the native Android apps), AutoSync and Encryption are not available, and there is advertising in the apps. 

There is an Enterprise upgrade of VCOrganizer.  This upgrade will allow syncing of multiple devices and multiple folders, including subfolders.  The Enterprise version of VCOrganizer must be purchased through an easy to find link on their website and then downloaded from the Google Play store.  There is much more information on their website about what the Enterprise edition does and how it can help you.

The price listed in the main Syncdroid chart is the approximate price for the Standard version.  You need to go to the Android Market to get the exact price of all versions.  The more advanced versions will cost more.

You can purchase or learn more about VCOrganizer at vendor's website using link below. 

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